As the French would call it, Balayage Swansea. Balayage actually simply means to sweep or to paint, which when you think about hair colouring, is a little strange despite the simplicity. Here at the Colour Lounge however, the word Balayage has actually become a way of life, as well as a flick of the well trained wrist.

The technique for Balayage Swansea involves expertly hand painting the hair, in sections, in a sweeping motion with a brush, allowing sun-kissed, natural looking hair tones and colour. The results from this technique are truly amazing.

Only talented professionals with the expertise for this technique, like those we have here at The Colour Lounge should ever wield a colouring brush across your waves of hair. We only have the very best in the Balayage Swansea business here at The Colour Lounge and we look forward to receiving you very soon for your consultation and transformation.

Please use our Contact Form to book your consultation appointment or call in at the The Colour Lounge Salon, 52A Plymouth Street, Swansea SA13QQ where you can see our amazing team of professionals as they do their Balayage Swansea magic.

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